James Herbert Harrison

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It is definitely a must read. It usually takes me awhile to finish a book but not this one, keeps you very interested throughout the entire book. I highly recommend it!

Miracle from UKRAINE

Loved it and would encourage anyone to read it. Very interesting…I was up until 2:00 AM to finish it because I couldn’t put it down.

Miracle from UKRAINE

The better half is into romantic novels and I’m a race guy. Nether one of us could put this down, This may be the most riveting book about the human drama behind the crowds and team garages ever. I like the way Harrison managed to weave all forms of racing together as well as the realistic courtroom scenes. Look forward to the sequel.

The Race Girl
Dennis Jones

Extremely entertaining and intriguing tale as I found myself filling Amanda’s shoes and falling in love with Alex and getting angry with him as I read. The characters were all well defined, particularly the old southern lawyer. I just lived his courtroom antics. The book is very well-written and I cannot wait for the sequel.

The Race Girl
Elizabeth Moore

I’m not into reading much but my girlfriend ordered it since I’m into racing. She couldn’t stop reading it and since I have the eBook reader on my phone I couldn’t either. Author very knowledgeable about motor racing.

The Race Girl
Angelo Cruz

Found this book on a book blog that features amazing new authors and books, I must say that this book made all my emotions tingle from passion to angry and that my friends is what a good book does. Bravo to the author.

Miracle from UKRAINE
Book Lover

I picked up this book while on vacation and found myself thinking about it between sightseeing breaks.
A well-written, captivating novel that delves into romance, drama, and emotions.

Miracle from UKRAINE
George G

Very exceptional book. The real love behind the politics and the cultural differences between them is a twist, and readers will find a clear view of the background of Eastern Ukraine.

Fast moving and hard to put down, I would strongly recommend this love story and look forward to the next in the series.

Miracle from UKRAINE

I couldn’t put this book down! If you love a beautiful love story then you’ll love this book! It takes you right into the hearts and minds of two people looking for love and finding it in a most romantic way.

This story is based on real life events between two people from different cultures along with a language barrier. This only adds to the true romance. Where the heart and love is involved nothing gets in the way!

Miracle from UKRAINE

One of the book’s strengths lies in the author’s ability to create relatable and engaging characters. Both Irina and John are portrayed with depth, allowing readers to connect with their hopes, doubts, and aspirations. The introduction of supporting characters, such as Irina’s family and the enigmatic Colonel Kuznetsov, adds further complexity to the narrative, weaving a web of intrigue and suspense.

Harrison masterfully incorporates cultural differences and the complexities of international relationships into the story, adding layers of realism and believability. The exploration of Irina’s background, her family dynamics, and the challenges she faces with the SSU investigation provide a rich cultural backdrop, shedding light on the complexities of Ukrainian society.

Miracle from UKRAINE
Maria Perry

“Miracle from Ukraine” is an emotionally gripping tale that beautifully combines elements of romance, adventure, and intrigue in the backdrop of Eastern Ukraine. The story’s heart lies in its well-developed characters, John and Irina, whose love transcends cultural and generational barriers, providing a moving testimony to love’s power. The narrative’s authentic portrayal of Ukrainian life, the palpable international tension, and the divine intervention unfolding their love story makes it a must-read for those seeking a book with depth, charm, and a touch of the miraculous.

Miracle from UKRAINE
Cara Cusack

Super! Such a page-turner, I finished in less than two days. I recommend a screen play be done on this.

The Race Girl
Rhonda Dean

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