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Formula One: The Apex of Motor Racing Worldwide

Formula One has established itself as the pinnacle of motor racing, no doubt. In many of the world’s industrialized nations, the annual Formula One Grand Prix is the largest motor racing event for that nation and in many cases their largest sporting event, period.

Global Expansion: Formula One’s Meteoric Rise Beyond European Borders

What began as largely a European competition has now expanded worldwide and its fanbase, broadcasting revenue, and monetary volume overall dwarfs all other motor racing disciplines.

Formula One’s Dominance in Driver Discourse and its Historical Standing in the United States

For the most part, every major discussion regarding the best racing drivers, whether related to a current season or all-time, involves the various drivers’ performance in Formula One.

For most of Formula One’s history, the series was not looked upon as the most prevalent racing series in the United States, as the States had their own racing in Indycar and NASCAR. Again, as most nations had their largest race in its Grand Prix, the US had the Indianapolis and Daytona 500s.

Accelerated US Expansion: Liberty Media’s Influence on Formula One and the Andretti Legacy

Now that a US corporate giant, Liberty Media, has Formula One ownership, expansion into the US is moving at a fast pace, with three Grands Prix now on the schedule and even rumors of a fourth in New York. While the States has a team in Haas, it seems to want to thumb its nose at the most famous name in American racing history, the Andrettis.

Preserving the Essence of Motorsport: Challenging Restrictions and Embracing Competition

Throwing out the conversations about greed (I know, that is the point), restricting competition in any racing series totally violates the spirit of automobile racing altogether, does it not? Motorsport is about competition, at least it should be.

Does anyone really believe that having Andretti Global in the paddock would harm the sport financially? What are the likes of Wolf and Vowles really afraid of? Competition?

Erosion of Prestige: The Diminishing Significance of Formula One Championships

At what point does the title of World Driving Champion and Formula One Constructors Champion begin to lose the very honor that made Formula One the world pinnacle of motor racing?

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